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Material : PTFE

  • Product Code : Material : PTFE
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Carbon Fiber Tube

carbon fiber tube .....
  • Product Code : CARBON FIBER
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Polyetheretherketone - PEEK Rod

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a high performance thermoplastic material that is an excellent choice for demanding applications. .....
  • Product Code : Polyetheretherketone - PEEK Rod
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Nylon Bar

  • Product Code : 15
  • :

PTFE 25% Glass Filled Round Bar

PTFE has good chemical resistance, resistance to weathering, high impact strength, low friction, electrical and thermal insulation, etc. 25% Glass Filled PTFE has improved compression and wear propert.....
  • Product Code : PTFE 25% Glass Filled Round Bar
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Glass Fiber Sheet FR4

Glass Fiber Sheet FR4 is high temperature resistant, anti corrosion and good insulation material. .....
  • Product Code : Glass Fiber Sheet FR4
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  • Product Code : 19
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Fiberglass - FR 4

Fiberglass-FR4 is an international grade designation for fiberglass reinforced epoxy laminates that are Flame Retardant. It has Heavy thickness, Insulation Pipe, High Tensile Strength, Chemical Resist.....
  • Product Code : Fiberglass - FR 4
  • :

Glass Fiber Rods

Glass-fiber reinforced plastic or GFRP (commonly known as fiberglass) is a fiber/plastic composite material consisting of a plastic (e.g. unsaturated polyester,.....
  • Product Code : Glass-fiber reinforced plastic or GFRP
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Virigin PTFE Bushes

We offer PTFE bushes in various size ranging from 25mm OD till 500mm OD. Available standard length of 1000mm and 300mm. Customization available as per client requirement .....
  • Product Code : PTFE
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We are here to provide Plastic Bar which is utilized for fracture management in concrete constructions exposed to harsh conditions since they don't corrode. Chemical plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and maritime constructions are a few examples. The usage of plastic rebars in structural applications has recently increased. Apart from this, our Plastic Bar is currently available in a few ranges like Nylon Bar, and PTFT Bar. This is appropriate for components with a soft sub base and is offered with or without side recesses. The substantial support surface prevents the insulation from being forced in. This bar is very effective and economical to use.

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